Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix

Location Underground

Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix is an NPC in The Surge 2. Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix is a scientist greatly afflicted by Nanites. He claims to be patient Zero. NPCs are non-playable characters found in the world that can be interacted with to obtain or fulfill quests, buy or sell items, or other game purposes


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    • Anonymous

      Infected Scientist drop "Living Jawbone" HEAVY DUTY from cutting their arms, like a big tail.
      AND by cutting their head, they drop "Entropic Dissolver" IMPLANT +30% damage you deal with poison and nano.
      the 1 scientist from warren hideout can be farm by going in the door to Port Nixon 20 meter away. then come back on underground and its respawn.

      • Anonymous

        I had the same experience as the post below, but I notice something buggy and amusing. If you die (or maybe if you leave the area and come back, though just resting at the medbay isn't enough), his loot reappears... and you can repeat this. So I was doing many attempts at fighting the Delver Echo Alpha, and this corpse was on my way back to there, so every time I'd die, I'd pick up that loot for 20k scrap + some materials (the weapon turns into upgrade mats if you picked it up once). Ended up with a nice chunk in the end. I didn't farm it deliberately, but I presume it could be a quick farm spot for scrap.

        • Anonymous

          I did not give him or deny the implant. Instead I took the route of calling him out for being a crazy guy after finding a few recordings of him testing other people. This allowed me to keep the implant and after I left the area and came back. I found him dead in the same area and got the corroded butterfly weapon as well.

          • Anonymous

            Completing his quest and saving him awards the corroded butterfly. Twin rigged with poison damage. Taking the imolant I assume results in you keeping the 250 nano resist implant

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