Below Jericho is a Quest in The Surge 2. Below Jericho can be acquired from Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix at Underground. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


A survivor is hunting nano-infected scientists in the sewers. Support him to unravel his mystery.

Below Jericho Information


Below Jericho Notes

Other notes on this quest:

  • If saved from the nanite infection, he'll move to Gateway Bravo, standing in Dr. Sorensson's clinic tent.
  • It's the only chance you can get Corroded Butterfly in one playthrough, and you are still able to obtain Nano Absorber EX later at The Great Wall.
  • it is possible to get both Rewards from this quest if you find all 3 Berrett’s legacy audiologs to get access to a option to mention the audio logs in his dialog after you fix the broken implant as long as you stick to the options in the him being at fault  this will result in you not having to giving him the nano absorber Ex and after a  loading screens he should be found dead a few steps from where he normally stands and the corroded butterfly should be found on his body
  • It is possible to get no rewards from this quest. If you find all 3 Berrett's Legacy audiologs, a new dialog option appears. If you continue along the dialog tree that calls out Professor Okunjo Saint-Croix for his insanity, the quest will simply end; no rewards.


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    • Anonymous

      Idk who wrote that section about getting no rewards, but if you stick with the dialogue options that blame him, you will get the weapon (after reloading the area). If he says something along the lines of "Now you know the truth, I will kill the other scientists myself." then you know you've done everything correctly.

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