Norm Turner

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Location VBS Krakow

Norm Turner is an NPC in The Surge 2. Norm Turner is the husband of Sidney on the VBS Krakow. NPCs are non-playable characters found in the world that can be interacted with to obtain or fulfill quests, buy or sell items, or other game purposes


Norm Turner related Quests:

Location of Norm Turner

  • He can be found as soon as you board the VBS Krakow on the Turner's backyard.

Norm Turner Notes and Tips

  • Norm Turner is actually a robot programmed to be the husband of Sidney
  • After he recovers his memory he decides to leave Sidney and start a new life at New Jericho
  • If you delegate control to CAIN before finishing the quest Breaking The Norm, he will become hostile. You will be able to acquire the weapon Fisherman's Fiend from his arm.
  • If you complete his quest untill he go on zip-line to the boat, you can either:
    - talk to him and get an AudioLog and a grafiiti Sausage Fest
    -OR dont talk to him at all (really important) and start attacking him, he will turn agressive, you can cut his arm off,
     he will then drop Fisherman's Fiend (Punching Gloves)


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