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Proto is an NPC in The Surge 2. Proto is a faulty robot that once belonged to the COLLECTIVE but was kicked out after he developed self consciousness. NPCs are non-playable characters found in the world that can be interacted with to obtain or fulfill quests, buy or sell items, or other game purposes


Proto related Quests:

Location of Proto

  • When you meet him, he will be hiding at a maintenance duct underneath a garage on the main street.
  • Before you complete the quest The Outsider you will be able to find him at his hideout located outside the Drive-IN.
  • After you complete The Outsider he will invite you to watch a movie at the Drive-In

Proto Notes and Tips

  • Proto was once a member of the COLLECTIVE but developed self consciousness after a big Surge affected the main network. The collective rejected this behavior, and he was then kicked out and left to die.
  • The Rusty Ravager was created by Proto according to its description.



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