Brother Truman

Location Downtown Jericho City - Detention Center Rooftop

Brother Truman is an NPC in The Surge 2. Brother Truman can be found at Downtown Jericho City. He is a devoted member of the SPARK that will help you escape the Detention Center at the beginning of the game.



Brother Truman related Quests:

Location of Brother Truman

Brother Truman Notes and Tips

  • If you come and talk to him after you kill Brother Eli, he will engage you in combat. You can acquire Brother Truman's Faith by performing a finishing blow on his arms.
  •  If you fail to kill Brother Truman he disappears & reappears later in the game with a different weapon (Fanatical Excruciator).
  • Caution
    • He disappears if you lose the fight on the rooftops on first appearance.
    • He is surrounded by approximately 5 grunts at the second location (whom he is preaching to). If you aggro him but disengage (probably because you're picking off opponents) he will run away and disappear.


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    • Anonymous

      One of the biggest issues with the Hitbox of the NPCs attack are highlighted by those who use the same kind of weapon as Brother Truman. Even if you evade his attack by more than 1 meter, his hits hitbox are so huge that his 5-hits combo can kill any player even if said player use any kind of healing injectors that acts over time. I was able to deal most of this armor/hp easily until he did his 5-hits combo and while I was clearly out of his attack's zone, I still got hit by every hit of the combo which dealt more than 450 damages in less than 3 secs (which makes the Over-Time-Healing injector not able to keep me alive).

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