Location Gideon's Rock
Cloud 9 Bar

Hawke is an NPC in The Surge 2. Hawke is the leader of one of the Hunter groups located at Gideon's Rock.


Hawke related Quests:

Location of Hawke

Hawke Notes and Tips

  • Hawke’s real name is Joe. This is revealed by repeatedly asking “What were your names again?” Until he slips up revealing his crews real names. 
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    • Anonymous

      You have to be carrying at least 5000 scrap when you speak to him at seaside court to get the option to pay up. If you do he gives you the SSM Vanguard Missile drone weapon.

      • Anonymous

        So I accepted his quest and after killing Delver he was back at seaside court. He said he had teamed up with Jordan but she was still at Cloud Nine. Hawke demanded I pay him but I didn't have tech crap so I told him I wouldn't. He got mad and says something like I will regret breaking the deal.

        • So, I met him, didn't bother with his deal, didn't take his quest (it really is a bad deal considering you practically do everything yourself; he just stands there all day long admiring the boss crater, and one of his friends just stand in front of the screens, but they get HALF the reward). After I beat the boss, Hawke is back at Seaside Court with Jordan (I told Roach he should team up with Jordan, does that affect anything?), and he said he's out of business. After I progress a bit further, maybe after I gave Jonah the brain (and got NO reward but just a friggin key card), Jordan disappeared. So, is that it? Or should I have accepted his quest? Did I screw up and lock myself out of his quest line or something like that?

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