Brother Eli

Location Seaside Court - Level 2

Brother Eli is an NPC and the main antagonist in The Surge 2. Brother Eli can be found at the Seaside Court. He is Matriarch Celeste's eldest son and is in charge of the SPARK religious activities around the Seaside Court.

When you encounter him for the first time, he will ask for your help and give you the quest The Drug Lord and provide you with The Prophet's Keycard.

After completing the quest The Drug Lord, you will find Brother Eli waiting for you before the Seaside Court entrance. He will betray you and fight you as a Boss.


Brother Eli related Quests:

Location of Brother Eli

Brother Eli Notes and Tips



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    • Anonymous

      The tooltip:If you perform a killing blow to Brother Eli in the boss fight, you will obtain Warhammer of Forced Conversion is false. You dont get the weapon simply by performing a killing blow. You have to chop off his arm.

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