Brother Eli

Location Port Nixon - Seaside Court Supply Route
Reward/s Warhammer of Forced Conversion (Optional)
1.000  Tech Scrap

Brother Eli is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.

Brother Eli Location


Brother Eli Rewards


Brother Eli Notes & Tips

  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here
  • Weakness: Fire, Electricity


Brother Eli Strategies

Strategy Writeup

You can start the fight yourself without talking to him, hit him with charged attack from the back.
He can perform quick attacks that break your balance. Try to wait for his combos to finish and then strike back while he is recovering.
He will summon 2x Twin-Rigged SPARK Aspirant in phase 2. Try to deal with them first and then continue attacking Brother Eli. You can use your drone to shoot their unarmored limbs.
As a human, he's weak to Fire and Electricity damage (even though he's using a sparking weapon).

Hardcore Kill method

Cut off his right arm to get Warhammer of Forced Conversion.

Video Guide


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
He can charge his weapon and perform an attack forward followed by a second attack. Dodge to either side to evade the first attack and then jump backwards to avoid the second
He can swing his hammer from below and then make a spin attack. Dodge backwards and strike back after the spin attack
He can perform a three-hit-combo making an attack from each side and then from above. Dodge backwards and strike back after he strikes from above
He can perform a consecutive three-attack from above moving forward. Dodge backwards twice and hit him after his 3rd strike.
He may use a slide horizontal attack from mid distance. Dodge back or use parry/vertical evade counter.



Brother Eli Lore


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    • Anonymous

      tip for any boss, if you fail the hard core kill, you can restart the boss as long as you have not visited the medbay. Simply go to main menu, press continue, then choose revert instead of loading to reload to the last med bay. This is usually just before the boss battle, as bosses tend to kill players a few times. Someone commented that there is an implant reward for decapitating him. Through testing, I received no reward. That is not true.

      • Anonymous

        After first encounter "I haven't seen brother Eli in a while" Oooohh I know better :D After second "Brother Eli came back to life!" Oooohh I know better ;D

        • Anonymous

          You can also get an Implant if you Cut off His Head. ( I did it when you face off with him the 2nd time). The Impant He drops Regenerate Stamina 25% quicker when Health is Low.

          • Anonymous

            You can cheese him super hard by repeatedly hitting him with the spark emp. It attached to him and eventually detonates stunning him for a second or two.

            • Anonymous

              Super cheese node on killing this Boss: Drop three turrets and just avoid his attacks. You will need to kill the minions that enter the fight but the turrets will take care of about 80% of Eli’s health. Once the turrets went off line I just finished him off with Regular drone fire.

              • Anonymous

                Tested what someone said about getting V2 by not killing the 2 mobs that spawn in later half, just the regular version...

                • Anonymous

                  I got version 2 of his weapon. I am not sure what the hardcore condition is. I believe it is not killing the ads and severing right arm. Can anyone confirm?

                  • Anonymous

                    Is there a V2 of his weapon? I cut his weapon arm off again during the 2nd boss encounter and didn't get an upgraded version of it, just upgrade materials

                    • Anonymous

                      Boss is susceptible to being stunned by the EMP drone you just picked up before this. land it on him, then start your attacks right before it explodes and you can get some damage in safely

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