Breaking The Norm

Quest Type Side Quest
Location VBS Krakow
Rewards Backyard Key
Sausage Fest!
Stylin' Shades
Related NPCs Norm Turner

Breaking The Norm is a DLC Quest in The Surge 2. It can be acquired from Norm Turner at VBS Krakow. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


There's no BBQ without hot dogs! Find some sausages and get them back to Norm Turner as soon as possible!

Breaking The Norm Information

  • It's a side quest of the Kraken Campaing DLC.
  • Conditions:
    • Talk to Norm Turner when you reach VBS Krakow. Ask him about BBQ to receive the quest.
    • Talk to Skip Hansoon (He can be found inside the Garage across the street of the Convenience Store). He will die and you'll get the Fuse Box Key.
    • Use the Fuse Box Key to reboot the VEND-A-TRON 94 vending machine, purchase the Penny's Vegan Frankfurters from it.
    • Return to Norm Turner and give him the hot dogs, he'll then say he's lost his memory about the invasion, then ask you to find him some evidence.
    • Complete The Outsider quest by giving Proto the Proto's Power Core (Charged) and reward with the Black Box, and you can find the Captain's Luggage from a corpse on an escape boat at the edge of the ship near the Meeting Point.
    • Give Norm both things, he'll extract an audiolog from each of it. Then he'll ask you to find the final clue.
    • After the Drive-In fight scenario, search for a small tunnel near the emergency failsafe console, take the magnetic lift, you can find the Strange Memory Chip in the HusBot repository.
    • Bring Strange Memory Chip to Norm, recover all his memories, he'll reward you the Backyard Key, a key item to acquire the special boss weapon, then slides down to the little island.
    • Meet him on the island, he'll give you the Sausage Fest! Graffiti Tag and Stylin' Shades glasses head gear, then ride the motorboat and leave.
  • Failure Conditions:
    • If you fail to reveal Norm's true nature before the CAIN boss fight and choose to set CAIN free after the fight, Norm will turn hostile. Cut off his left/right arm and you'll get the Fisherman's Fiend weapon. Or you can just kill him while he's in human form to get the weapon AND the Backyard Key, which is the only way to collect all weapons of this DLC in one playthrough.
  • Rewards:


Breaking The Norm Notes

Other notes on this quest:

  • If you failed to complete the
  • After changing to robotic form, he become invincible.
  • If you want to collect all DLC weapons in one playthrough, you can only kill him while he's in human form, which means you'll fail this quest and can't get the Sausage Fest! & Stylin' Shades reward.


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      so, uh, giving him the chip is actually enough to make him leave by the boat - but you dont get shades
      i also still have his quest active in a questlog, weird

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