The Great Wall is a Location in The Surge 2. The Great Wall ???.

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Full The Great Wall Walkthrough

You’ll find audiolog Eli’s Mantra. You’ll see a short scene and reach a Medbay. Use the Exo-Line to reach the other side. Once there, go up the stairs and fight 1x Fanatic Spark Lancer and 1x Heavy Chrysalis. Go up the ramp and as soon as you enter the room you’ll be attacked by 1x Nanite Warper.

Keep going up and you’ll reach an area with 2x Ranged Cerberus A.I.D. Officer guarding the edge and 1x One-Handed Scientist. Once you’ve defeated them explore the area to find a chest with 1x Metallic Hardener implant inside. You can also walk the edge of the structure to your right and find 1x Large Cache of Advanced Tech.

Go up the stairs and use the magnetic lift. Cross the bridge and Kill 1x Electro Beam Spark Galvanizer. Go left and pass behind the building. Break the magnetic lock. Go back and turn right, you’ll find 1x Emergency Reserve Injection Implant.

Go until you find a wall. Look down you’ll see you can drop to a surface.

Access the door leading to the Undergrounds. Defeat 1x Infected Scientist and destroy the nanite wall. You will see Strange Vision 5/10 and a chest will appear with 1x Mimetic Edge inside. Head back to the Wall and use the magnetic lift to go down. You’ll be able to jump back to the structure.

Go back to where you destroyed the magnetic lock and use the magnetic lift to go up you’ll reach Central Outlook.

Central Outlook

Kill 1x Ranged Cerberus A.I.D. Officer and explore to find audiolog Twisted Thoughts. Activate the Exo-Line by destroying the magnetic lock. This will provide you access back to the Medbay at the Liang Wei Hospital - Rooftops

Go right and defeat 1x Infect Scientist. There is a chest in the room with Nano Absorber Ex Implant inside. Go up the stairs and you’ll fight 1x Heavy Chrysalis and 1x Ranged Cerberus A.I.D. Officer Be careful as the A.I.D. Officer can throw you off the bridge with its weapon. You can use your drone to kill him.

Go left and go up the stairs. You’ll find audiolog Things That Divide Us and you’ll fight 1x Nanite Warper and 1x Infect Scientist. You’ll see a small area filled with nanites and 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap on top of them, beware of 1x A.I.D. Hound on the wall.

On the next room you’ll have to fight 2x Nanite Warper when you are done, go downstairs to open a door leading back to the previous area. Break the magnetic lock and go up.

Once on top, you’ll watch a scene where you see 1x Technogenesis Split in two (you can obtain Rig Capacitor XXL By breaking their chest and Crystalline Hookblade by cutting its arms.). Jump and defeat both. You can find audiolog “If you build it…” On the corner. You can also find 1x Twin-Rigged Spark Aspirant and 1x Entropic Dissolver implant inside a box.

Go up the ramp and fight 1x Infected Scientist. You’ll see 2 pipes going up. You can find 1x Lithium Polymer Cells on the right one. Go up and fight 1x Technogenesis.

When you continue you’ll see a short scene where 2x Nanite Warper fall from the Sky and fight 2x Ranged Cerberus A.I.D. Officer and 2x One-Handed Scientist. After you defeat them, you’ll find audiolog “The last Stand” Go into the small cabin and destroy the magnetic lock. Go Left and use the Exo-Line. When you reach the building you’ll find audiolog Eli’s Madness. Go down and destroy the magnetic lock gaining access back to the medbay located at the hospital rooftop.

Go back to the wall where the A.I.D. had theirs last Stand. Activate the medbay and go up. There is an NPC that will ask you to kill him, if you do you’ll obtain 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap. Keep going and you’ll see a small scene where Athena calls for help. There is 1x Technogenesis on the next room. Keep going and you’ll reach The Peak

The Peak

Fight 1x Infected Scientist and 1x Technogenesis. After you defeat them, use the magnetic lift on your right. There’s a chest with 1x Critical Muscular Shunt inside. Keep going and you’ll see a platform that you can jump to. Defeat 1x Ranged Cerberus A.I.D. Officer and break the magnetic lock going back. You can also find a chest with 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap inside. Jump back and go up the stairs. You’ll watch The Hour Of Truth and a chest will appear with 1x Large Pile of Metal Scrap inside. You’ll also obtain the quest A New Dawn. Use the Exo-Line to reach the final boss.

Archangel Eli

Brother Eli can perform many attacks with different timings so it's difficult to directional block all of them. Try to stay near to him and keep attacking. Try to stock up on Injectable Charges to keep your health as high as possible.

Archangel Eli Rewards


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    • Anonymous

      Easy boss. Use Generals ACU v2.0 and Cerberus armour and you can just man fight him while out healing his damage.

      • Anonymous

        Fighting the archangel is rough at first, but you can quickly learn his attacks to parry them. I almost got the hardcore kill first try at level 92. His attacks are seemingly unpredictable, but they have a pattern if you're quick on your feet in the fight

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