A Simple Favor

Quest Type Side Quest
Location Seaside Court
Port Nixon
Rewards ??
Related NPCs Molly Fox

A Simple Favor is a Quest in The Surge 2. A Simple Favor can be acquired from Molly Fox at the Seaside Court. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


Find Finn the debt collector in Port Nixon and decide how to handle Molly Fox's financial issues.

A Simple Favor Information

  • Conditions:
    • Talk to Molly Fox and ask her about her problems. Tell her you will help.
    • Head to Port Nixon. When you go up the stairs at Paper Street (the alley outside Paper Storage) you can double back and walk along the ledge to reach a ramp and a small hidden area. Go up the ramp and you'll meet with Finn.
    • Talk to Finn and you'll have 2 options. You can either pay her debt (2,000 Tech Scrap) or fight him.
    • Go back to the Seaside Court and talk to Molly Fox to finish the quest.
  • Failure Conditions:
  • Rewards:
    • Besides anything you might get from killing and dismembering Finn, this quest does not seem to provide any reward.


A Simple Favor Notes

Other notes on this quest:

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    • Anonymous

      I fought him and pushed him off the edge, without thinking went for a ledge jump dive finisher (I don’t even know if that’s a thing, lol!) but I died when I landed, quest failed -.-

      • Anonymous

        I think doing her quest DOES benefit you in one way: it opens up her Boss-Weapon function, selling lower tier versions of those bosses you killed with the special kill. For completionists ? Other then that I, too, did get nothing out of it...

        • Anonymous

          I paid him the 2.000 scrpas and when I returned to the old lady she had a Mk.IV Little Johny's Forceps for free in her shop. I thought that was the reward.

          • Having finished the quest by paying him off, it seems like doing that provides absolutely no reward, at least initially. Is there any difference when you complete it by killing Finn?

            • Anonymous

              Is there any reason not to just fight Finn? Does paying him the 2k provide any benefits other than avoiding the battle?

              • Anonymous

                you can fail this quest if you don't manage to kill Finn. He fell off the ledge for me and I died before I could get to him again.

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