Captain Cervantes is a Boss in The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Captain Cervantes Location


Captain Cervantes Rewards


Captain Cervantes Notes & Tips

  • Trivia: Voice Actor, etc goes here
  • Weakness: Fire damage
  • JAG-22 'Aeterna' is a good one-handed weapon, but it can also be obtained from A.I.D. Ronin members after defeating Ezra Shields. I recommend cutting his left leg, since it's the only chance you can get JAG-1000 'Carnivore' Shotgun in a playthrough.


Captain Cervantes Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The battlefield is rather small and Cervantes can perform a series or both long and short-range attacks. The best strategy is to stay as near to him as possible. Use your drone to break his invisibility as soon as he is activating it and use the de-cloaking window to attack him

Cervantes moves:

Cloak: He can cloak and then re-appear with an attack. Break the attachment on his chest will disable this ability. Or you can damage him as soon as he goes invisible(drone is recommended, especially 'Starfish'), which also stagger him.
Attack from below: He will take a small-time to perform an attack from below. The easiest attack to dodge and parry.
Long Reach Katana Attack from the right: This is the most difficult attack to evade. It takes a long time to charge, and he moves very quickly so it's very difficult to parry effectively. You can opt to dodge to the left when he is coming at you.
Combo attack from above and left: Rather slow and easy to parry, but make sure you have enough stamina to block both attacks.
Quick attack from the left: If you are quick enough, it's easy to parry and perform a counter move.
Weapon Fire: After performing an attack, he may draw and shot his shotgun(twice when health is low). This attack cannot be parried and deals high damage. Try to dodge in circles to avoid it.
Explosive Traps: He will throw 3 mines on the field. Just avoid it.

As a human, he's weak to fire damage.

Alter-Kill method

Cut his left leg to get JAG-1000 'Carnivore' Shotgun drone module, or cut his right arm to get JAG-22 'Aeterna'.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Charge then launch a long reach fast attack from the right. Try to learn the timing of the attack to directional block. If you can't, dodge left and go in to deal some damage.
Attack you from above and then from the left. This attack is rather slow and easy to parry, but make sure you have enough stamina to block both attacks.
After an attack, he may draw and shot his shotgun. Can't be parried(but blocked) and deals high damage. May shot twice when health is low. Try to run in circles or dodge to either side to avoid damage.
Quickly attack from the left. If you are quick enough, it's easy to parry and perform a counter move,
Leaving 3 mines on the floor.  



Captain Cervantes Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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    • Anonymous

      You don't really need the shotgun unless you're a drone focused player, but that sword really carried me through most of the game. It's got really good battery buildup for its speed

      • Anonymous

        you dont have to cut leg to get it. you can shoot it with the drone too. i had been focusing his leg all fight and was about to die when the armor on his leg was low so i thought ill just see if i can bruteforce it with the drone gun and then do a quick cut with weapon but the gun just destroyed the left leg armor and then killed him and i got the shotgun drone from it.

        • Anonymous

          I cut off his left leg but did not get the drone! What did I do wrong? Is this information wrong? Is it the right leg?!

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