Collective Incinerator

Location VBS Krakow
Reward/s Garage Key Card
Hot-N-Heavy (optional)

Collective Incinerator is a Boss in in The Kraken Expansion DLC of The Surge 2.  Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate WeaponGear and Combat Drone in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Collective Incinerator Location


Collective Incinerator Rewards


Collective Incinerator Boss Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The Collective Incinerator takes advantage of the reduced Battlefield size. The wide swings and fire patches are very annoying providing few opportunity to strike back. If you are confident with your parry abilities you can try to stay close and attack when he staggers. You will still have to avoid the attacks that can't be parries such as his charged. Another strategy is staying at a medium distance and wait for his charge. Dodge him take a few hits and then jump backwards. You can repeat this and wear him out.

Hardcore Kill method

Cut off his right/left arm to get the Hot-N-Heavy

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fire Wave: It will raise the hammer from below sending a wave of fire forward and leaving fire patches on the ground. Dodge to either side and avoid the patchs
Charge: It will charge at the player while holding the axe facing his back Dodge to either side
Slam From Above: It will raise the axe and Strike from above, dealing high damage and leaving a big fire patch on the ground. When he picks up the Axe 1x Poison Spitter will appear from below the ground If you block the attack neither the patch of fire or the Poison Spitter will appear. If you partially block the attack the patch of fire will appear but not the Poison Spitter.
Axe Swing: He will swing his axe from the left in a wide area leaving a circular patch of fire around him You can either block it or dodge two times to either side. If you stay beneath its legs while blocking, the attack won't reach you.
Axe Thrust: It will point his axe and you and thrust you. This attack has a very long reach You can block it from above or Dodge to either side



Collective Incinerator Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Collective Incinerator Notes & Trivia

  • You can use the Music Tape to change the music of the fight.

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



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      He is assisted by about 3 or 4 poison spitters. If you do not move enough,they will focus you and easily leave you poisoned for the whole fight. They burrow if you try to strike them and require an emp to reveal them. You can shoot them with any ranged drone bullet before they dig to stun them or kill them.

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