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Quest Type Side Quest
Location Port Nixon
Rewards Penelope's Key
Prime Meat
Related NPCs Penny

Delicatessen is a Quest in The Surge 2. Delicatessen can be acquired from Penny at Port Nixon. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


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Delicatessen Information

  • Conditions:
    • Open the jammed door located in the alternate route through the canals in Port Nixon. You'll find Penny. Talk to her and she will give you the quest and request you to obtain 1x Spare Parts.
    • Search  for any drone enemy (Electro Drone or Explosive Drone) and destroy it. This will give you 1x Spare Parts.
    • Go back to Penny and give her the 1x Spare Parts. She will ask you to go inside a small room where you can find your reward.
    • After you go inside the door will close and a giant grinder will come at you from the wall. Run in the opposite direction and break the box to reach the alley.
    • Go back inside and defeat Penny, she will drop Penelope's Key, this will open the door on the left part of the building where you will find Jennifer. Ask her for a reward, and she will give you Jenny's Keycard. You can also find 1x Prime Meat inside the room.
  • Failure Conditions:
    • Kill Penny before the quest is over
  • Rewards:


Delicatessen Notes

Other notes on this quest:

  • If you leave the area after killing Penny, but before opening the side door to Penelope, she can be found dead in the side room if you return for her at a later time. No vendor will take over the shop in this case.


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    • Anonymous

      I wanted to cut off pennys arm for her weapon but had a too strong one equipped so i ran away to change equipment and now she is gone. Did I just fail the quest?

      • Anonymous

        you get Penelope's key after killing penny so that you can open the door Jennifer is stuck behind, not as a reward from Jennifer herself. Jennifer gives you only 500 scrap if you ask for a reward from her after you save her.

        • Anonymous

          Don't wear the archangel type armor when doing this quest in NG+. Once you kill Penny, the effect will target Jennifer and make her hostile, especially if using an electric weapon

          • Anonymous

            A bit of trivia. This mission/location may be a reference to a French film of the same name where a butcher kills and sells meat made from workers in his apartment building.

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