Tag Attack

Quest Type Side Quest
Location Cloud 9 Bar
Rewards MG Strigil
Related NPCs DJ Talla

Tag Attack is a Quest in The Surge 2. Tag Attack can be acquired from DJ Talla at Cloud 9 Bar. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


The DJ asked you to leave one graffiti tag in each area of Jericho City. Check in with him if you want to track your progress.

Tag Attack Information


Tag Attack Notes

Other notes on this quest:

  • DJ Talla and the tag come from the Resistance organization created by Dr. Melissa Chavez, who's the main researcher of Resolve project in CREO. She chose the leaf graffiti in memory of her Resolve project.
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    • Anonymous

      Estoy en n g + 2 y algunos graffitis que dejen en ng me los cuenta y los que restan los puse, pero cuando ya tengo todos menos describe y me dice que faltan tres y no me da nada este pinche pelón que hago?

      • Anonymous

        I knew w it says "place the tag he gave you" but I think it would be helpful to make it much more clear. The graffiti will ONLY count if you place a single white leaf as the tag.

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