Time is of the Essence

Quest Type Side Quest
Location Gateway Bravo
A.I.D. Command
Rewards 8.500 Tech Scrap
Related NPCs Dr. Sorensson

Time is of the Essence is a Quest in The Surge 2. Time is of the Essence can be acquired from Dr. Sorensson at Gateway Bravo. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


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Time is of the Essence Information

  • Conditions:
    • Important Note: This is a Timed Quest. If you fail to complete the quest before defeating Major General Ezra Shields, you'll fail.
    • Talk to Dr. Sorensson at Gateway Bravo. Ask her about her problems and offer your help to acquire the quest.
    • Head to A.I.D. Command. Keep going until you find the Family Waiting Area. There is a building on the right part. Go inside and destroy the boxes to find RadiCure-40 Medication.
    • Go back to Gateway Bravo and talk to Dr. Sorensson to finish the quest.
    • Asking how much the cure is worth to her will disable the store for the current playthrough.
  • Failure Conditions:
  • Rewards:


Time is of the Essence Notes

Other notes on this quest:

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    • Anonymous

      19 Oct 2020 01:11  

      I acquired the Radicure before triggering the quest. Then I asked how much it was worth and she gave me 200 scrap and stopped talking to me. The devs really know how to make frustrating game mechanics. I missed out on Cervante's weapon earlier because my nano damage overkilled him...

      • Anonymous

        17 Oct 2019 08:07  

        Shady doc gave me like 3000 something tech scrap for it, killing him doesn't give it back. If you tell her you sold it to shady doc the store will disable

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