The Outsider

Quest Type Side Quest
Location VBS Krakow
Rewards Black Box
The Biggest Bang
Related NPCs Proto

The Outsider is a DLC Quest in The Surge 2. It can be acquired from Proto at VBS Krakow. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


Proto's Power Core is almost out of charge. There should be another power station somewhere below deck.

The Outsider Information

  • It's a side quest of the Kraken Campain DLC.
  • Conditions:
    • Talk to Proto (You can find him below the garage located in front of the Convenience Store). It'll give you Proto's Power Core and ask you to charge it.
    • Take Proto's Power Core to the maintenance area outside the Drive In. Here you will able to charge it and obtain Proto's Power Core (Charged).
    • Bring the charged power core to Proto (He can be found at his hideout located on one of the corners outside the Drive-In, beside the tunnel where CAIN traps you), it'll reward you the Black Box as a key item in  Breaking The Norm quest.
    • After you activate the emergency failsafe, Proto will contact you through the radio, invite you to watch a movie or perform a endless fight in the Drive-In area. Watch the movie with Proto for a while and it'll reward you The Biggest Bang head gear.
  • Rewards:


The Outsider Notes

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    • Anonymous

      "You can find him below the garage located in front of the Convenience Store." This description of where to find Proto is incredibly misleading, if you're directionally challenged like me. You don't look just across the street from the Convenience Store - you have to look behind the back corner near the Drive-in. Technically, this is close to the Convenience Mart, but since a CAIN tentacle bisects the area, you have to get past the first boss of the DLC to find Proto.

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