Way of the Hunter

Quest Type Main
Location Seaside Court
Cloud 9 Bar
Rewards N/A
Related NPCs Jordan Black

Way of the Hunter is a Quest in The Surge 2. Way of the Hunter can be acquired from Jordan Black at Seaside Court. Quests can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs.


The Cloud 9 Bar at the Babylon Gardens Hotel offers a passage to Gideon's Rock, a place where a squadron of hunters tries to track down a giant mutant. Might it be the nanite creature form the detention center? And if so, is there a connection to the girl name Athena?

Way of the Hunter Information


Way of the Hunter Notes

Other notes on this quest:

  • BUG: You can reach Cloud 9 Bar before defeating Little Johnny or even before entering Seaside Court, it will mark the quest finished. However, talking to Jordan Black after defeating Little Johnny will create a new "Way of the Hunter" quest in the menu.


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